The Ocean Suite



The Ocean Suite was recorded in August 2005. The quartet played a "Summer Week" in the Munich Jazzclub Unterfahrt. After that we went in to the Pirouet Studio to record the music. Due to unreconcileable differences with the producer it was decided not to release the music on that label. After having worked on the music for a year it was a huge disappointment for me to be left alone at this point. But I was not willing to give other people control over my music, people who had no emotional connection to it. That´s when the idea of starting up my own label Marangani Records was born.


The idea for the Ocean Suite was to have a "theme" connecting all the compositions. I grew up near Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia, so the ocean was a strong part of my early life. Living on a "water planet" I think we should also be aware that without the ocean we wouldn´t be here at all. It is the source of life on earth.


Jason Seizer - saxophone

Matthias Pichler - contrabass

Jochen Rückert - drums

Peter O´Mara - guitar


1.Waters Edge/Waves listen!

2. Reflections

3. Turning Tide

4. Eternal

5. Cross Current

6. Maratime

7. Water´s Edge Reprise/Dawning Dance

8. Ebb & Flow

9. New Horizon


All tunes are my original compositions.