SZ Kritik December 2012
Electrio Steinebacher
Jazz Journal
He loves to play!...O'Mara's blend of various tremelo effects, tough tinged runs and fine,relaxed legato ideas certainly suggests there's a lot more to come from him. Look out for it!'
'Peter O'Mara's trio posess the power to create - freely and spontaneously - music of real power and coherence!' 4 1/2 Stars'
O'Mara guides his group through a series of well-constructed funky Jazz instrumentals, with punches that the Brecker Brothers would be proud of!' 4 1/2 Stars
'O'Mara acts like a poker by a fire, occaisionally stoking the blaze, stirring things up. ..and it works!'
Evening Standard London
'Peter O'Mara is a fluent & imaginative guitarist...'
Melbourne Age
'O'Mara's music reveals a strong melodic sense and the outstanding virtue of his improvising is his ability to sustain and develop his ideas logically, in a variety of moods and structures.'
'O'Mara is a completely convincing soloist, from Blues to superb Modern Jazz...'
Süddeutsche Zeitung
' his brilliant solos and elegantly placed chords gave the music it's roundness, which made it a pleasure to listen to...'
Jazz Podium
'his guitar is sometimes gruff, jagged, but then melodically phrased, floating and bluesy. It was breathtaking!...'
Hi Fi Germany
'...jazzy single-note lines, aggressive melodic development...a 6 string sound that moves from an expressive extrovertism to introspective moods. Always present is the open communication between the musicians...'
CD Monthly Germany
'...This is melodic, sensitive Jazz. O'Mara never pushes himself into the forefront but uses his virtuosity to serve the band. He lets Bob Mintzer's warm tenor and soprano sax state the melodies, then supports the rhythm-section and finally joins in with crystal-clear, catchy solos..'
Interview (German) by Alexander Schmitz published in Jazz Podium Magazine February 2007